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“Adherence to legend at the expense of facts will ruin America…”

Posted in Uncategorized by GL on May 20, 2015


This from David Thomson’s article on John Ford in his Biographical Dictionary…The whole article is of great interest, but this bit strikes me most powerfully:

…to take Ford properly to task may be to begin to be dissatisfied with cinema.

Adherence to legend at the expense of facts will ruin America—the work is well under way. And lovers of the movies should consider how far film has helped the undermining.

Reading that today, in May of 2015, evokes the legend-mongering, the betrayal of history and experience in Kathryn Bigelow’s & Mark Boal’s Zero Dark Thirty–but the betrayal isn’t timely or modish, not connected to any particular film, it’s evergreen and truly American…