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“…Pixar Has Gone Too Far”

Posted in Uncategorized by GL on June 26, 2009

A writer named Eileen Jones from the erstwhile (and incorrigible – “God bless ’em!” as Sarah!™ would say) eXile has unleashed her wrath on Pixar; and I couldn’t agree more…

This Time, Pixar Has Gone Too Far

By Eileen Jones, eXiled Online
June 3, 2009

The latest Pixar film Up is being received as if it were better than the Second Coming. It represents the Pixar team’s effort to be even more lugubrious than in their last animated film — more lugubrious than in their last five animated films — hell, more lugubrious than their personal god Walt Disney ever dreamed of being in his thirty years of lugubrious filmmaking. It’s a high-stakes game: we’ll see your Jiminy Cricket and raise you five Pollyannas, says Pixar. We’ll throw in ten-thousand dalmations and the ghost of Old Yeller. We’ll stuff you with sunbeams, choke you with hugs, smother you with the warm chuckles of reformed curmudgeons, waterboard you with the gushing tears of a million pathetic orphans.

The public loves this, it goes without saying. But the critics have gotten so besotted they’re egging Pixar on to dangerously high glucose levels….[more here]